Proper maintenance for all sewing and embroidery machines includes regular cleaning and service. This helps ensure your machine is functioning to its full capacity with no issues.

Sewing Boutique has a full service department with certified technicians onsite specializing in:
● Regular Machine Service
● Regular Machine Cleaning
● Troubleshooting

Service is available for all makes and models. For more details or to request pricing information, please complete the form below.

Rush Fee: $65
Extra Service Fee: $25/Hour

Sewing Boutique Machine Work Release

I understand that having my machine in for service authorizes Sewing Boutique to charge a Minimum Bench Fee of $65.00 (requiring a $25 deposit in order to leave the machine). I understand that any labor and parts needed to repair my machine will be an additional charge. Additionally, I understand that maintenance may be needed in order to complete the repair properly. If other than the owner leaves the machine, Sewing Boutique is not responsible for problems not recreated in the store. It is the owner’s responsibility to make us aware of the machine issue.

I have read and understand the above,

We take pride in returning your machine in the best possible condition for your sewing and embroidery enjoyment. We thank you for your business.

Due to the uncertainty of supply and demand, our repair schedule is only an estimation.